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You Want to Attract Success, but is Manifestation Real?

Since several years ago until today, the idea of manifestation has been popularly widespread online to be used to attract things that we want in life. But is it a real thing? This is crucial, especially to Muslim entrepreneurs who might be practicing this act, which might potentially go against the religion.

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is like wishing for something to happen and believing it will come true. People who practice manifestation often imagine what they want in their lives, like being rich or having a happier relationship, and focus on it as if it’s already happening. They believe that by thinking positively and visualizing their goals, they can make them a reality.

It’s a way of using the power of thoughts and beliefs to bring about the things they desire. While the power of thoughts is powerful to bring things into reality, due to its power to influence emotions, which affect behaviours and choices towards success, manifestation is, in fact, a whole different thing.

Is manifestation acceptable in Islam?

This question is being asked to Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan in a discussion on “Does Manifesting Exist in Islam?” on Bayyinah TV, which he founded. He said about manifestation, “What that removes from the equation is Allah.” This is because the manifestation concept is that you know that it will surely happen no matter what.

Instead of manifesting, he talks about istikharah, letting Muslims know if situations or things will be good for their lives. Istikharah is a prayer made by Muslims, asking for guidance from Allah S.W.T. when making big or important choices in their lives. In Islam, Muslims believe that everything is predetermined by Allah. Hence, Muslims should ask Allah whether it is good for them. If it is good, then what they want will happen sooner or later. Hence, this clearly states that manifestation is not acceptable. It does not only exclude Allah from your thoughts but also forces you to believe that it will happen.

It lacks accountability

While manifestation can promote positive thinking that will motivate individuals for future success, individuals could be disregarding other external factors. In simple terms, when a person focuses too much on thinking positively and imagining success, they might overlook or not realize that factors such as lacking opportunities are actually a challenge they need to tackle. Instead of finding ways to find more opportunities, they just sit back and do nothing while imagining success in their heads.

The differences between manifestation and positive thoughts

Positive thinking means having a sunny outlook on life. For instance, if someone faces a setback, like not getting the job they applied for, a positive thinker might say, “That’s okay, I’ll keep trying. Something better will come along.” They focus on the good things in their lives and believe that things will work out in the end. This mindset helps them stay hopeful and resilient, even when faced with difficulties.

On the other hand, manifestation takes positive thinking a step further, as if one already lives in it. For example, a man is dreaming of starting his own business. He might use manifestation techniques like visualizing themselves running a successful company and repeating affirmations like “I am a successful entrepreneur.” By channeling their thoughts, beliefs, and intentions towards their desired outcome, they believe they can attract success into their lives.

If there are no actions, it is not worth it

Entrepreneurs should not just think about or wish for something but also take concrete steps to make it happen. While positive thoughts and repeating affirmations can be powerful motivators, they must be accompanied by deliberate actions to bring about real change or success. Without action, dreams and desires will just remain in the head. It’s the combination of positive thinking and proactive behavior that truly moves them toward their goals and aspirations.


As a Muslim, especially an entrepreneur, it is crucial for them to practice making proper strategies and plans for success rather than focusing on manifestation, sitting back and hoping for an outcome. While neuroscience has shown that visualization can have some cognitive benefits and can be used as part of manifestation practices by some, it’s not universally accepted as a guaranteed means of bringing about desired outcomes. Achieving success requires not only having big dreams but also actively pursuing them through consistent effort and perseverance.

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