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Why Every Successful Person Says: ‘I’m Only Getting Started’

Have you ever seen someone so successful that all they ever humbly say is, “I am just getting started”? Would not that be boggling your mind? From their perspectives, there might be so much more that we could not even see. This is because they have reached a greater height, and for us to really be in their perspective, we have to climb up higher to be able to see what they see, if that makes sense.

Here are some of the reasons why the phrase is so powerful that it also benefits them:

They are building momentum

They do not only see what is ahead of them, but it can also help them build momentum. When people say “I’m Only Getting Started” out loud, it’s like they’re making a promise to themselves and others that they’re not done yet. This can make them feel more motivated to actually do what they say. Different from publicly announcing their own goal, which can make one less likely to reach that goal, the saying is more about having a strong belief that there’s still more to achieve. This mindset pushes them to keep moving forward and achieving even more success.

They are embracing the beginner’s mindset

Successful people know that the beginner’s mindset—being open, curious, and willing to learn—is essential for growth. To learn more means that one should remain humble to gain useful knowledge instead of refusing to be open to new ideas that may come from a fear of failure. Successful people will know that being a beginner means they should be ready to recognize mistakes, receive critical feedback and learn from them. They don’t let ego or preconceptions hold them back. Instead, they approach new challenges with humility and a desire to improve.

They can envision what is ahead

The successful person who uses that phrase has a clear picture of their future goals and aspirations. Since they clearly see where they are on their journey, they could confidently say that it is just a starting point for them. This means that there are more things to achieve, struggles and challenges to face and overcome.

They have a “Success has no limits” mindset

They know that they could gain success not only once, but there can be multiples of success in life. Instead of negatively thinking that certain things cannot happen, they push thinking beyond the boundaries of what is considered possible. Hence, this produces a non-limits mindset. Unlike limiting mindsets like thinking, “I am just a regular person, how can I do that?” they do not let the limitation mindset be a part of their life. This could involve asking ourselves questions like, “What if it succeeds?” and “Why not?.” With this mindset, they view obstacles and challenges as chances for growth and greater success.


At the end, reaching success can all be built by having the right mindset. It is a major benefit for them to keep going and have a positive outlook for success. They know that success does not choose people, but people are the ones who should be seeking success until they decide not to. With a strong mindset, no matter the background, race or stories that every person has, anyone could be successful.

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