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WhatsApp will soon let you stay logged in to two accounts at once

After WhatsApp enabled the companion mode, which is to make a WhatsApp account to be connected to four other devices in April 2023, which helps users stay connected with their WhatsApp account on all their devices without logging out, it will now release another update that will let its users use multiple accounts that could be logged in at the same time. Before that, it was released for WhatsApp Business version, which is available on the Google Play Store.

With this new update, users could switch accounts on just a single device. Also, there will be no hassle in having to log out of accounts to switch to another account. By having multiple accounts on a single device, it also means that users will have multiple phone numbers too. Hence, users must have a phone that could support multi-SIM, eSIM or they could just switch SIM cards to set up a new Whatsapp account for the device.

Some may see this as a perfect opportunity to the cheater’s armoury since it could allow someone to message the other person secretly from another WhatsApp account without getting caught. Not only that, WhatsApp has also previously launched a Chat Lock feature, which enables certain chats to be private and secure for greater security.

This multi-account feature could help individuals who are looking to separate personal WhatsApp accounts and work WhatsApp accounts on the same device. However, according to the Daily Mail, a leaker site, WABetaInfo, said there will be some redesigns to the interface and filters for personal and business chats. For now, users will have to use the switch account feature instead of being able to filter out personal and business chats.

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