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What Makes Women Predicted to Be Business Leaders in 2024?

Business leader and chair of Global Women, Theresa Gattung, thinks that women should start leading in 2024, even though she thinks that every year they should. “There’s a lot of momentum and support around this and it feels like there’s less resistance than there has been in times past,” she said, according to RNZ.

What qualities do they have that make them more desirable or are there other factors?

The Majority Customer Base are Female

According to Gattung, the majority of the women on board have a large female customer base. To her, it just makes sense. “”There’s pretty good broad diversity at New Zealand commercial banks, for example. Many of them are chaired by women. Many of them have female CEOs and that’s pretty obvious because we make up half the customer base,” she said.

Emotional Intelligence

Society has contradicted what it perceives about women through this trait. It includes one of the crucial traits that every leader should possess. Leaders who know how to handle things professionally impact the future of the company through their decision-making.

Leadership Styles

Compared to males, female leadership styles are more collaborative and they want others to reach their full potential. Now, this doesn’t mean that men don’t want others to succeed. The females are a bit better at motivating, inspiring and encouraging others since they are more likely to advocate for others.

Even if women excel in leadership roles, challenges could still happen. These challenges could be the reason why they are still not in charge. Forbes mentioned the reasons for the minority of female leaders.

According to them, leaders are obviously selected not for their potential, talent or competence but for factors such as gender bias. If there is no gender inequality, economic growth may rise and advance further. This is based on McKinsey’s statement stating that if we are going for gender equality, the world’s GDP will be $12 trillion lower today.

One of the stereotypes about women is that they tend to be more emotional, which makes them less rational. A study published in Nature has already made the stereotypes disappear. A professor of public health and pediatrics, Dr. Robert Blum finds that there is no evidence that females are more emotional. Rather, a strong finding showed men hide emotions and it is acceptable for females to show their emotions.

Everyone can be a leader. It is just that every individual is unique; hence, an assumption that is made based on their gender is something that is far from the truth.

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