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What are the Leadership Trends to Watch in 2024?

Looking into the current emerging and ongoing trend, AI has been consistently on the rise. This technology does not only ease its use in daily work tasks but also poses challenges to its safety issues for corporations and society. It can either be a driver for progress, a barrier to employment or even both simultaneously.

With this change, what is the suitable types of leadership for next year? Here are some insights on the leadership trend in 2024:

Hybrid Leadership

This leadership emerged during the coronavirus pandemic. Adding to that, the COVID case is rising again at the end of 2023, which is why it will still be relevant in 2024. In this type of leadership, individuals in the leadership position must blend and adapt to different types of situations. It involves inclusivity, strategic thinking, collaboration, effective communication, emotional intelligence, and a results-oriented mindset. The leader should know what type of leadership is suitable for each of the specific challenges and team dynamics. Leaders with this type of leadership are still capable of leading, communicate and collaborating with the team, even if their interactions with the team members are limited.


This has also become an essential part of leadership as the pandemic rises. Due to a lack of visibility, leaders may not have constant knowledge of the team’s activities. With trust, leaders that prioritize it will help build ideal company cultures, which attract top talent and boost employee morale. Trust has evolved as an important factor in creating strong, successful businesses in today’s world due to increasing transparency, social media scrutiny, and team empowerment. According to research by DDI World, 22% of leaders who work remotely are more likely to trust their senior leaders compared to working with them in person.

Emotionally-Intelligent Leadership

Emotionally intelligent leadership is becoming more popular in response to the changing workplace situation. This leadership style emphasizes employee fulfillment, teamwork, and adaptation to change. Emotionally intelligent leaders excel at solving conflicts, improving communication, and effectively engaging and motivating employees. Emotionally intelligent leadership is widely recognized in the modern workplace because of its capacity to negotiate crises, manage diverse workforces, and contribute to a strong business culture. This trend reflects a growing appreciation of the value of interpersonal skills and a supportive work environment in today’s fast-paced business world.

AI-Powered Leadership

Because of its ability to improve decision-making through data-driven insights, automate routine processes, customize strategies for individuals and teams, and contribute to continuous learning, AI-powered leadership is on the rise. It helps with efficient recruitment, increases employee engagement and well-being, minimizes risks, and improves customer experiences. The adaptability of AI in dynamic situations is critical, allowing leaders to make informed choices and respond to changing conditions efficiently. However, ethical considerations like privacy, transparency, and responsibility are critical to the responsible use of AI in leadership practices.

Hence, the changing landscape of technology and global challenges have caused a shift in leadership tendencies. Leaders must adopt an expansive strategy as we approach 2024. Because of the pandemic’s obstacles, hybrid leadership stresses diversity, strategic thinking, teamwork, and emotional intelligence. Trust is essential, particularly in remote work circumstances. Employee fulfillment, teamwork, and adaptability are all prioritized under emotionally intelligent leadership.

The development of AI-powered leadership emphasizes artificial intelligence’s disruptive potential in decision-making, automation, and personalized strategies. Leaders navigating these changes must prioritize ethical considerations in order to ensure responsible AI use. In this fast-paced period, successful leaders in 2024 will be flexible, reliable, emotionally intelligent, and technologically savvy.

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