US Pizza, a Local Pizza Chain, to Rebrand For the Palestinian Cause

US Pizza, a local pizza store, wanted to rebrand as Kita Pizza in solidarity with the Palestinian cause. In order to successfully rebrand under that name, they posted on their social media to gain 10,000 likes for public approval or support from the local citizens. Before the rebranding posting, they took the initiative to donate RM1 from every receipt to the Palestinian humanitarian aid charity.

The initiative is posted on both the Instagram and Facebook pages with a caption clarifying the business. Their edited Instagram caption has indicated that they want to bring clarity to any misunderstandings about their support for the cause. The post to thank Malaysians for their support has received numerous positive responses.

“Dear Valued Customers, US Pizza is devastated by the increasing casualties in the Middle East. US Pizza was founded by our Penang-based founder, Mr. Donald Duncan, who, inspired by his experience working in a pizzeria in the United States, brought his passion for pizza back to Malaysia.”

The poster that have been posted on their Facebook and Instagram pages (Image: US Pizza IG)
US Pizza initiative that shows support to Palestinian cause (Image: US Pizza)

Today, they have reached over 14,174 likes on their Instagram post and over 3,000 likes on their Facebook page. Throughout the comments, many online users suggested other names that seemed to be more suitable, such as MY Pizza and Our Pizza. The majority are more inclined toward MY Pizza since it is short-term for Malaysia. Even after reaching the target on their Instagram page, there have not been any announcements about their rebranding. Their Facebook post has yet to reach another 7,000 likes for them to reach 10,000 likes.

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