Productivity May No Longer Matter, but What Matters More?

Productivity is no longer a metric that is important to organizations, according to an insight from Deloitte. Despite leveraging technologies to boost productivity, according to the Global Innovation Index 2022, productivity surprisingly showed declines with growing technologies.

What does productivity mean?

A higher level of productivity means the ability to produce more output or achieve more results within a given time frame. The higher the number of jobs completed, the more time can be used for innovation growth. When an individual achieves the desired amount of productivity, it could lead to satisfaction. It could also benefit companies by reducing costs, optimizing resources and saving time. However, without investing in research, development and meticulous strategy, it could produce a wasteful amount of resources and time.

What will true productivity be like?

A higher amount of output does not always guarantee great quality. Never measure a higher amount as a better job performance. Thus, true productivity should have produced high-quality work with less time but without burning out. It will have these criteria:

High quality of work. True productivity is about producing high-quality work with value and attention to detail. Without quality, it will be hard to achieve the desired results.

Have added values. A work with values will appear more authentic and genuine when it reaches the intended person, such as the target audience.

Must be done ethically. Through ethical and responsible practice, it will build trust and avoid the negative impact that it will have in the future.

Measured holistically. Productivity should also be measured, whether a person is doing well or not; a job that does not burn someone’s out

The opposite of true productivity will be wasteful productivity. For example, excessive use of technological tools could cause confusion. Instead of bringing productivity, without proper practice and knowledge on how to use them effectively, it will be a total waste of time and resources.

Solutions to wasteful productivity

In order to reach the desired results, the amount of work output alone would not cut it. Here are some ways to do it:

  • Set clear objectives
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Allocate resources wisely
  • Use proper metrics
  • Avoid rushing plans
  • Use technology wisely
  • Invest in training
  • Make regular work assessment
  • Have a well-thought-out strategy
  • Adjust strategy when needed

While the sheer quantity of output remains important, true productivity is the standard. True productivity emphasizes that it is not just about getting more work done but ensuring that the work is of high quality, adds value, adheres to ethical standards, and is measured holistically.

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