How Can You Improve Your Customer Service with Copilot?

Almost half of businesses (47%) identified that customer service will benefit the most from greater adoption of AI technology, according to a survey.

In businesses, sales and marketing are what come first, which drive customers, generate revenue and drive profits. Once customers are acquired, the focus often shifts to satisfying and retaining them to ensure ongoing business success. Customer satisfaction and retention are critical because loyal customers tend to make repeat purchases, provide positive reviews, and contribute to long-term profitability. Therefore, the crucial thing to do next is to satisfy and retain them.

So, how could you do that with Copilot? Here is how:

Automation in handling customers

With automation, businesses can respond to frequently asked questions automatically in real-time with Copilot, which will increase response speed for inquiries. Not only that, automation also benefits businesses by help them schedule appointments with customers, send them reminders and handle bookings. This will reduce human errors, such as setting the wrong date or time for a meeting with customers. When customers experience a seamless process, this will enhance their experience, which will improve customer satisfaction.

Gain insight and analyze customer behaviour

With reporting and analytics features in Copilot, businesses can observe customer behaviour and preferences. The insights from the report have a higher impact on customer satisfaction and should be focused on. Copilot can help with this by analyzing data that is related to conversations, cases and email interactions. For instance, through conversations with customers, businesses can identify common patterns. They could find out patterns that lead to customer purchases, common issues that can be prioritized, and negative sentiments that need prompt responses.

Helping with documentation

Microsoft Copilot is a helpful tool for businesses to write and improve customer service documents. It gives suggestions to make writing clearer and more professional, helps organize information better, and ensures documents follow legal rules. This will save time for teams by automating editing and drafting, making work more efficient. Plus, it keeps all documents consistent in style and message. Using Copilot makes the message appear more clear, reducing confusion and frustration for customers, which makes them elated in the end.

Multilingual support for global customers

The multilingual options in Copilot for Service will allow customers to interact with customer support in their own mother tongue language. Through this, they could understand better and get what they needed at that time. With this feature, businesses can reach a wider customer base around the world and also boost overall customer satisfactions.

CRM Platform Integrations

Copilot can integrate with various CRM platforms, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. This can greatly benefit businesses by improving customer service and operational efficiency. For example, with Salesforce, Copilot can access data from Salesforce to compile sales performance reports. With integration with CRM platforms, it allows businesses to quickly access comprehensive customer histories and preferences, enabling personalized and efficient support. This helps reduce response times and helps agents resolve issues faster. With exceptional service, businesses can build stronger customer relationships and gain valuable insights into customer behavior.

Maximize the impact by tracking important metrics

Using Copilot alone may have a significant impact, but you can maximize its effectiveness more. To evaluate Copilot’s effectiveness, businesses should track metrics such as time savings for agents, relevance and helpfulness of responses, agent satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and return on investment. Custom metrics can also be built into Copilot’s reporting and analytics.


Using Copilot for your customer service can greatly improve how you satisfy and keep your customers. Automation lets you quickly answer questions, schedule appointments, and manage bookings accurately. Copilot’s analytics help you understand customer behavior and address issues promptly. It also assists in creating clear, professional documents and supports multiple languages, making it easier to serve customers worldwide. Integrating Copilot with CRM systems streamlines operations and allows for personalized support. By tracking important metrics, you can enhance Copilot’s effectiveness, leading to better customer satisfaction.

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