Rabbit A1 is Probably the First iPhone of AI

Rabbit AI is a pocket-sized gadget that is integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) technology and uses the Large Action Model (LAM) for tasks.

According to Time, competition for the iPhone of artificial intelligence is increasing. The reason why this new AI assistant gadget shares the same headline as the iPhone is that it is considered an alternative to the iPhone, but probably better. Also, Jony Ive, an iPhone designer, was in talks with Sam Altman, OpenAI CEO and Softbank’s Masayoshi Son about a separate AI hardware product, according to The Verge.

Rabbit R1, using the LAM system, has this amazing ability to perform actions or tasks by just talking to or interacting with it. Not only that, it is fast and accurately understands a user’s prompt.

Image: rabbit inc

Only costing $199 (almost RM1K), it has a 2.88-inch touchscreen display, a MediaTek processor, and Rabbit Eye, a 360-degree camera. With its ‘wheel’ that lets you scroll or button, users could use it to navigate or talk to the R1 gadget. This small gadget will help us use apps. Jess Lyu, the CEO and founder of Rabbit, an AI startup, cannot help but think that it may replace the current smartphone at some point, but not quite yet.

What is the Large Action Model (LAM)?

Also referred to as large agentic models, this AI system could understand and perform actions within computer applications. It is said to change how we interact with computers. rabbit inc. revealed on its website that LAM can solve today’s challenges.

The struggles are in translating human’s natural language into action, user interfaces and human interaction with gadgets. With LAM, it could solve them. For example, if you want to order food online, you could tell LAM to order the food that you want with your own voice and the food will be delivered to your door.

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