Here is What Makes Khairul Aming a Successful Malaysian Entrepreneur

Khairul Aming, also known as Khairul Amin Kamarulzaman, launched his second product, Dendeng Nyet Berapi, under his brand Khairulaming. Last Friday, he set a new record by selling 80,000 packs of Dendeng Nyet Berapi in just three minutes during a live sales session on TikTok Shop. This is the fastest sale he has ever experienced, earning him an outstanding amount of RM1.2 million.

What are the secrets behind his seemingly effortless business success?

Personal branding

One of his strategies is personal branding. To be a successful entrepreneur, he makes an effort to showcase his expertise to the public and use social media to establish his personal brand. He is widely recognized for his memorable opening video, “Hey What’s Up Guys,” which creates a lasting impression on his audiences. During Ramadan, where Muslims fast, he shares 30 different recipes each day on various social media platforms.

This does not will only gain engagement from his audience on the platform but also increases his visibility to non-followers. Hence, with his own branding, he has built trust and credibility through the online platform across TikTok, X and Instagram with his short-form cooking videos.

Product launch strategy

Khairul Aming recently launched his second product with a smart strategy. Instead of starting right away, he waited for 200,000 people to join the TikTok live session. Once the big audience was there, he began selling his new product and managed to sell 80,000 units. This tactic is called a “Viewer Threshold Launch Strategy,” making the product launch more exciting and successful by waiting for a specific number of viewers. Through this, it draws a huge amount of attention to the product and increases brand awareness.

Khairul Aming knows how to make his product stand out. Before launching, he creates simple but eye-catching photos and videos of the product. He also includes video teasers to show everyone his new product. This is what made people excited and interested before the product even comes out. This way, more people will notice and want to buy it when it’s finally available.

Investment in R&D

He is meticulous in his planning and has a dedication to business growth. Khairul Aming didn’t just achieve the recent milestone of selling 80,000 packs of Dendeng Nyet Berapi within three minutes through his social media influence.

Before the official launch, he shared insights into his journey, revealing significant financial investments for factory modifications, the acquisition of machinery, and a year-long R&D process. This showed how Khairul Aming’s understands the importance of product innovation and improvement. By investing in research and development (R&D), he demonstrates a commitment to delivering high-quality products that meet market demands. His efforts in R&D has made the people to trust in his brand more and added value to his brand, achieving business success.

Leverages existing success of Sambal Nyet

Khairul Aming made his second product, Dendeng Nyet Berapi, even more popular by using the success of his first product, Sambal Nyet. People already liked and knew about Sambal Nyet, so he built on that to make his new product well-known too. By doing this, he gained more customers and made his brand stronger. It’s like using the good reputation of one thing to make another thing successful.

Has ambitious goals

Every successful entrepreneur has big plans and goals. As one, he has goals to bring out three to five new products, showing he’s always thinking of the future and growth of his business. In 2023, he is focusing on being healthy by eating better and exercising regularly. He loves creating content for his online fans, especially during Ramadan, where he shares 30 recipes every day. He has been doing this for many years.

Not only that, Khairul Aming also has the goal of helping B40 students, showing he cares about giving back to the community. Plus, he aims to sell RM1 million worth of products on the launch day, hoping to be the fastest seller on TikTok Shop Malaysia. Through these goals, his passion and determination for success are revealed in different areas of his life.

Khairul Aming’s way of doing business is a mix of being creative, working hard, and thinking ahead. Today, he has become a remarkable entrepreneur with his different strategies and his dedication. His success as a successful Malaysian entrepreneur might seem easy and achievable to others, making it appear simple. However, what is not immediately obvious is the many years of hard work, dedication, and never giving up that he put into reaching this point. The simplicity on the surface is actually the result of a lot of effort and determination over time.

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