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Communicate As An Amazing Leader: A Guide

Mastering an effective communication is an essential journey towards an effective leadership since they are closely intertwined. All information, thoughts and ideas effectively conveyed by the leaders are taken seriously. This is because these leaders gives an impression of reliability and trustworthiness. Clear and well articulate speeches fosters transparency, which in turn cultivates a positive organizational culture where team members feel informed and engaged.

Leaders who are excel in communication can articulate their thoughts well can bring the team members together to accomplish the targeted goals. Effective communication can be seen as listening actively, giving an receive feedbacks from various audiences. Open communication involves respects which included in active listening can make the team members to express their own original ideas well and innovative. Leaders who practice open communication will gain admiration and is seen as more approachable. Demonstrating empathy and respect during communicating with team members make them feel valuable since they are seen and heard, no matter what content is provided in the opinion. Receiving many kinds of perspectives will gain new ideas that will make a progress in solving problems or making well-rounded decisions.

To communicate effectively, a leader should be:


An authentic leader is someone who can be genuine, truthful and open when communicating with others. These leaders build a healthy relationship with the employees. The employees will have a great trust and believe that your lead will bring them to the right path in achieving company goals. While an authentic leader is a result-driven individual who focus on reaching the goals, they will empower their own employees while at it.


Consistency in speaking may look as being consistent in having the same judgement and behaviour when communicating with the team. Examples of communicating consistently are such as giving acknowledgement, feedbacks, address concerns, doing regular check-ins and listen actively. Staying in touch with the team will maintain clarity and promote engagements from the employees. Leaders with this attitude can easily build trust with the teams and can be seen as not flaky. Keeping their words and promises must also require consistency since this will also affect the image of the leaders.


To be present at the office can be seen as a great effort for showing up. It can make the leader more approachable and is interested to get to know about their own well-being. Leaders who are seen as hard to be approach will feel distant and make the environment a bit uneasy. This way, employees may feel that they do not have any access or feels that their problems are not important to be address. In addition, when a leader is visible and accessible to the teams, this will be a great help to the teams making a quick decision as needed and help in solving problems early to avoid it from escalating further.


The preference in communicating might be differ with different people such as using the phone, email or in person. Some might prefer online, and others might prefer to meet in person. The leader must be adaptable in communicating with the need of their clients, customers and the teams, especially with the Gen Z, to keep up-to-date with the latest technology. They might suggest a better option to communicate with the teams which can also improve work efficiency. Just to keep in mind to have few communication channels as too many channels may confuse the teams.

A Storyteller

Leaders who have a great storytelling skills will grab the attention of the people and gives an amazing impression. Storytelling will promote a better participation from the teams, encourage imaginations that will spark new ideas. The delivered message will be more memorable since adapting communication style based on the team’s preferences and needs will enhances their comprehension and engagement.

An Example

Actions speak more volumes. When communicating, leaders must prove that to walk the talk and it is something that they also practice. For example, when a leader have an expectation that your team will do things a certain way, the leader must also have the ability to do the same thing. When leaders show a great example, employees will also follow suit.

Be Open

A great leader will actively encourage the teams to express ideas, issues and thoughts while perceiving them in a positive and receptive attitude. While encouraging the team to be open, keep a candid atmosphere and provide a sincere communication with your team. Embracing different viewpoints in an honest manner can resolve issues and the teams will cooperate better. While being respectful and calm when addressing issues, this can be a great example as a leader to others in the team.





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