Being Halal-Certified Will Boost Your Business Performance

Currently, the halal market is growing and is forecast to rise even more in the future, between 2023 and 2031, according to the Global Halal Market. Thus, it is recommended for businesses to take on this opportunity to be halal-certified, which increases business performance if they are not yet one.

Businesses that are selling foods from various countries, such as Japan, South Korea, China and the U.S., are benefiting from this. This is especially true for restaurants selling Korean foods aligned with the current Korean wave, such as K-pop, Korean dramas, music and film, which influence consumer preferences and purchasing decisions.

Built Trust

For Muslims, consuming foods made from Halal ingredients is a top priority. Businesses that are halal-certified not only provide food for Muslims. These criteria, such as hygienic and ethical business practices and quality control, bring more trust to both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Increase in Customer Base

With halal certification, businesses will naturally attract a lot of Muslim consumers. The Muslim population globally is made up of more than 25% of the world population, which is a massive 2.18 billion people. Also, this will allow businesses to gain more loyal customers. This is mainly relevant for industries such as food and beverage, tourism, hospitality, finance, and cosmetics and personal care.

Improve Business Efficiency

Meeting halal standards often requires quality control practices and optimizing supply chains. This leads to improved business operation efficiency, reduced unnecessary waste, increased productivity and reduced costs. Additionally, halal principles encourage fair treatment of employees and suppliers, a positive work environment and responsible business practices.


To obtain halal status, businesses should maintain a high standard of cleanliness. Not only a sanitary environment, but also the way the food is prepared. Hygienic, which will reduce the risk of getting sick from contamination. It will also attract a lot of customers due to the pleasant surroundings. This will increase the number of good reviews, which will improve the business’s reputation. Other than that, businesses that practice cleanliness will reduce waste and costs.

Enhance Brand Image

From outside perspectives, businesses that specialize in obtaining halal certification show that they place significant importance on the needs of people with diverse backgrounds. With that, it creates a positive brand or business image.

The halal certification process involves rigorous audits and adherence to strict compliance standards. Achieving this certification signifies a business’s commitment to ethical practices, quality control, and hygiene. This produces trust and credibility among consumers, who increasingly value transparency and integrity in the businesses they patronize.

Remember, halal certification is not a one-time achievement that improves business performance; it’s a continuous commitment to quality, ethics, and transparency. By embracing these values and striving for continuous improvement, the numerous benefits of halal certification can be reaped and businesses can position themselves for success in the thriving global halal marketplace.

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