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Being A Thought Leader Empowers This Leader Radiate Positivity Online

James Cheo, Chief Investment Officer, Southeast Asia and India, HSBC Global Private Banking and Wealth, just recently became a thought leader on LinkedIn, with more than 3.4 million people of reach in the past years.

For him, the platform has been full of negativity, which inspires him to spread positivity with his thoughtful insights online. “It is because I want to share a message of positivity. I find that there is just so much negativity out there,” he said in one of his posts.

What does positivity mean from his point of view?

Be encouraging and have empathy

He also incorporates the idea that positivity involves encouragement and empathy, along with living in the present moment and maintaining optimism for the future. With this mindset, people are more likely to support others with compassion.

Be vulnerable, but be resilient

Positivity to him is being okay with showing vulnerabilities and emotions. Being resilient means that even when facing difficulties, you have the strength and determination to bounce back and move forward. He also emphasizes that cultivating positivity is important for resilience. This includes learning to invest wisely, prioritizing one’s financial well-being and doing it sustainably.

Embracing imperfections

The world can be so harsh when someone makes mistakes, especially on online platforms. For him, people should be okay with not being perfect, but that does not mean being okay with not being their best version of themselves.

Celebrate the achievements of others

To him, positivity involves recognizing and acknowledging the successes of others. He believes that it cultivates a positive atmosphere and encourages a supportive community. It also reflects an optimistic perspective, focusing on the good in people and situations.

How do you become one?

Thought leaders are usually found on online platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, which are the top platforms to start. These thought leaders often share types of posts such as educational content, opinions, quotes, memes, promotional contents, news updates and interactive contents. Any content that is relevant to their industry will make someone a thought leader.

To be one, especially on the LinkedIn platform, here is what someone needs to do:

  1. Define why you want to be a thought leader
  2. Make sure you really know about the industry or topic you’re working with
  3. Consider the type of content that suits your style when choosing the correct platform
  4. Be consistent when posting online
  5. Share contents that provide value and quality


To be a thought leader means to be impactful in the area that you are currently working on. James Cheo’s journey as a thought leader on LinkedIn shows how he knows why he needs to be one. It is the power of spreading positivity in the online world that is often clouded by negativity. With this, he fosters a supportive online community that also inspires others to prioritize compassion and optimism.

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