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3 Simple Ways to Change Someone’s Mind if They Don’t Buy It

As an entrepreneur, you will frequently face situations where you need to change someone’s mind from neutral to get them interested. You want them to be interested in the great thing that you want to offer, but they are not interested. How can you get them to change their mind instantly?

Make it sound like a priority

Emphasizing how important the problem is can indeed help change people’s minds. This does not mean that you have to be inauthentic and lie. Start by clearly defining the issue and highlighting the impact that will happen if they do nothing about it. Relate the problem to their interests, connecting it to their goals and appealing to their core values, such as the quality of the product. Since they want to find products of good quality, this will pique their interest and make it seem like a good deal. By making them aware of the consequences of the problem and making them feel capable of addressing it, you can motivate them to take action.

Here are some examples of what can be done:

  1. Highlight how addressing it now might be crucial
  2. Offer a clear solution
  3. Show or demonstrate your expertise through actions or words
  4. Assure that it will not cause them trouble
  5. Reassure them of a positive outcome
  6. Address their concerns closely

Make the problem seem easy to solve

No one would want their problem to be difficult to solve. This only emphasizes your lack of confidence in not being able to solve their problem. To do this, focus on the benefits and how you can solve them in an effective way. However, this only applies if you can solve them, but if you cannot, be honest about it. By telling them that you will find other effective ways to solve it, this will create trust. This shows how willing you are to go the extra mile to meet them.

Challenge them

“Throw down a challenge” is highlighted in the bestselling book How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie when no method is working out for you. Even though hearing “I’ve tried similar tools before without success. How is yours different?” might be daunting, but it is not the end. Entrepreneurs can challenge potential customers to provide solutions rather than focusing on selling their product or service. When you successfully demonstrate how effective the product or service is, they are more likely to change their minds.


To change someone’s mind and get them interested in your offering, use a combination of strategies. First, make it sound like a priority by emphasizing the importance of the problem and how your solution can make a significant impact. Relate the problem to their interests, goals, and values to make it feel like a pressing issue they need to address. Next, make the problem seem easy to solve by focusing on the benefits of your solution and how you can effectively solve it. If you can’t solve it directly, be honest and offer to find other ways to help. Finally, challenge potential customers to provide solutions, demonstrating the effectiveness of your product or service and increasing the likelihood they will change their minds and become interested.

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