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2023 Pursuit: Discovering Your Tribe and Its Enormous Benefits

Navigating the role of a business leader or an entrepreneur can sometimes feel a little lonely. Throughout life, individuals will naturally encounter various tribes. Some of the individuals they found may become lifelong companions, while others remain temporary connections. It is never too late to find one if someone feels like they have not found any. There are no rules or exceptions to finding a new tribe. However, we might be hearing a few myths that can make someone think that finding a tribe is hard when it is actually easier than we think. It does not mean that if someone does not instantly recognize another, they are not our own tribe. It can require someone to meet regularly with each other for it to become a connection. This is because, with consistent meetings, bonds and connections will strengthen. Often, there are a lot of people who just stick to those they meet on an initial encounter and refuse to be embrace knowing others, thinking that they might not be a match.

For leaders and entrepreneurs, it is very advisable for them to find their own tribe, as the huge benefits that it brings will make life is more satisfying and wholesome. Here are the benefits:

Positive Impacts on Well Being

As much as not being able to find one’s tribe will contribute to loneliness, physical and mental health will also be taken away. It has been proven by many multiple studies that being in a period of loneliness or social isolation for a long time will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Not only that, loneliness will also disrupt the immune system, which is not something that we want. The pandemic that happened in 2020 is another example of how social isolation brings stress to our own bodies. This is why when someone lives a happier life and surrounds themselves with the right people, it will naturally improve their own well-being. The thought of having someone to rely on for any kind of support will put the mind at ease and reduce anxiety.

Healthier Decision-Making

A healthy business leader will refrain from making decision at work based on emotions, but rather through a rational and balanced evaluation of facts and data. Even so, they are still a human being and sometimes these emotions cannot be avoided when it has reached certain limits. Since leaders are always involve in making informed decisions, it is important for them to recognized those heightened emotions to prevent it from taking over in making wrongful decisions.

The tribes serve a great role that can influence individuals in many aspects of life. This is why how someone choose their tribe can affect in decision making. One can easily be swayed and influenced by their opinions. Therefore, it is important to include diverse individuals with shared values, open-mindedness, same interests and high passions. Having those who can provide constructive criticism can also be beneficial since it will help leaders to learn and see various kind of perspective.

Better Time Management

Being surrounded with individuals who engage with a healthy balanced lifestyle can teach leaders a better time management skill. These people are focus on fulfilling most of their time for healthy habits such as exercising, getting enough sleep, meditations and relaxation. This will help increased in energy and focus to meet their business goals effectively. Naturally, leaders will boost motivations and be committed to their own path when surrounded themselves with the like-minded individuals. Over the time, some other additional healthy habits will be developed which will increase in a healthier lifestyle.

Leaders have to avoid in wasting precious time so that their business will run more efficiently. Failing to manage their time better usually comes from lack of knowledge and stress. They may struggle a lot to manage their tasks effectively if having no proper understanding of time management skills and techniques. Hence, sharing and discussing knowledge with the tribes and learn the small things such as how to prioritize task can help a lot in effective time management and personal growth.

Improved Communications

When someone has discovered their own tribe, communication skills will be improved drastically. Interacting with individuals will naturally improve communications when every conversations are suppose as a practice, aligns with the metaphor saying ‘practice makes perfect’. Directly engaging with other individuals in open discussions, sharing insights and collaborating on similar interest will sharpen one’s ability for active listening and express new ideas. Also, the bonds that is made within tribes will produce a level of trust which will encourage in open and honest communications. This will improve both professional and personal relationships for the individuals.

With the right tribe, healthy mind and body, leaders will have more mental clarity, better time management, improved communications between the teams and have a better conflict resolutions. While it is important to find own’s tribe, keep in mind to meticulously find the right ones. Thoughtlessly jumping into a tribe solely because of fun and exciting can lead to remorse. If someone is surrounded by unhealthy circles who keep on constantly blaming, criticising each other and acting as a victim thinking the world is against them, it is not shocking to also be one of them.





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