What Will the Future of Work Look Like with GPT-4o?

OpenAI just officially announced its new model, the GPT-4o, which will be out for everyone for free in the next few weeks. What it can do is surprisingly mind-blowing. This will change how we interact with AI. The way that the interaction with AI is so realistic, as if we are interacting with another human. It even has its own tone, which also makes it sound human.

Have conversation in real-time

In the next few weeks, we will be able to talk with ChatGPT, just like the normal conversation that we had on a daily basis. It will also mean that ChatGPT will be able to laugh, joke and even check in or pick up on our emotions by asking, “How do you feel?” with us, just like a human does. Not only that, we can just interrupt the conversation while it is talking, and it will listen and respond accordingly. There will be no delays in waiting for its reply. Also, the good news is that it will not only be in the English language, but it will also recognize 50 other languages.

It can help translate foreign languages

In large companies like multinational corporations, language barriers can occasionally present challenges in the workplace. There may be no more language barriers in this workplace setting. With its fast processing capability and lack of lag, it can make communication much easier. Also, it will enable us to easily communicate with clients from foreign countries, strengthen relationships and promote collaborations.

It can see everything on-screen and off-screen

A demo showed during the live stream session by OpenAI live on Monday. (Image: OpenAI)

With your consent, you can allow ChatGPT to view both what’s on your screen and what’s not. This feature comes in handy when you require its assistance. For example, you could open the camera and show objects in your surroundings, such as a pencil and ask, “What is this?” and it will immediately recognize it and give an answer right away. On the computer screen, by simply turning on vision capabilities, it can help interpret the graph or chart shown on the screen.

It can teach you simple and complex problems

During Monday’s live stream, ChatGPT helped with math by looking at problems and explaining them clearly. Similar to a classroom setting, when tackling math problems, we can get stuck and ChatGPT is there to lend a hand, much like a teacher would. Other than the simple math problems, it could help to teach the complex coding problems as well.

It can attend meetings

In remote work settings where meetings are conducted online, ChatGPT can participate to assist. Its presence in these meetings can streamline processes and enhance productivity. With its ability to summarize discussions, we may no longer require someone else to fulfill that task. This ability can enhance the efficiency of the meeting by capturing every key point accurately.

It can read a situation

Other than guessing the names of objects off the screen, ChatGPT could even predict, read or understand situations. In a compelling demonstration by OpenAI, a video is shown where ChatGPT should guess what kind of situation individuals are seated at a table with a slice of cake adorned with a candle. When prompted to discern the scenario, ChatGPT replied, “Hmm, let me guess. It looks like someone is having a birthday!” This video highlights that it could make accurate assumptions based on the information provided.


OpenAI’s GPT-4o model is set to revolutionize how we work. It can chat with us like a real person, understand many languages, and even help in meetings. With its ability to see and understand things on and off screens, it’s like having a super-smart assistant always on hand. Whether it’s translating languages or explaining complex problems, GPT-4o is ready to make work easier and more efficient.

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