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What Happens If You Run a Business Like a Startup?

It may help your business to grow out of stagnation

For businesses that started off as startups, do you still remember what makes your business grow rapidly? While not all businesses grow rapidly, there must be some point of realization that makes you say, “Yes, this is it.”

For those who didn’t experience it, let’s take a look at what would happen if you ran your business like a startup:

Have a diverse team of people from different backgrounds

At startups, it is essential to have experts and highly skilled individuals who are usually well-rounded. This highly functional team helps the startup accelerate much faster. This comes from individuals with different backgrounds and expertise, helping to generate new perspectives and unique ideas. With these experts, they will open doors to a branch of networks that can range from potential clients, mentors and even investors.

Open to new ideas, embrace learning and provide feedback

In an environment where everything runs fast, they need to be open to new ideas so that it can innovate their products or services. When team members gather, they communicate with each other openly and respect each other’s ideas. Not only that, the leaders will also consider the ideas that allow experimentation to stay competitive in the market. With the continuous improvement of innovative ideas, startup members will also experience continuous learning. Learning also happens when they gain unexpected insights, and adjust to feedback as they go through experimentation.

Building healthy cultures

Due to their mission-driven culture, they are all moving towards one goal. They tend to have a clear mission or purpose that makes the people within the organization understand where they are headed. Therefore, teamwork is very crucial for innovation, and they must work together in order to achieve that. Examples of common healthy cultures in startups are transparent communication, flexibility, collaboration, growth, prioritizing well-being and acknowledging hard work.

Knowing how to scale smartly

Starting small and scaling smart means that startups begin by testing their ideas or products on a small scale. By doing this, they will gain useful feedback for improvement from identifying flaws in their products or services. By taking actionable steps, startups optimize their resources and develop effective strategies that mitigate the risk of failure. Starting with small, incremental steps allows them to gradually achieve their goals and exceed expectations.


Incorporating a startup mentality can transform businesses that are struggling with stagnation. By fostering a diverse team with varied expertise, embracing continuous learning and innovation, nurturing a healthy and mission-driven culture, and scaling smartly through iterative testing and optimization, businesses can reignite growth and adaptability. The key is to maintain agility, focus on customers and have a purpose-driven mindset that can propel business towards growth.

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