Travelers Using Alipay+ Partner E-Wallets Can Now Pay Through DuitNow QR Codes In Malaysia

Payments Network Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PayNet) and Ant Group have launched a cross-border digital payment partnership to enable travelers from seven countries to use DuitNow QR PayNet in Malaysia. Farhan Ahmad, the Group CEO of PayNet, said that the launch of this cross-border digital payment partnership allows travelers to use e-wallets supported by Alipay+. Users can now enjoy cashless payments in these countries:

  • Alipay (China)
  • AlipayHK (Hong Kong)
  • HelloMoney by AUB (Philippines)
  • Hipay (Mongolia)
  • MPay (Macau)
  • Naver Pay (Japan)
  • Toss Pay (South Korea)
  • TrueMoney (Thailand)

Moreover, he mentioned that they can easily make digital payments by scanning DuitNow QR PayNet at over 1.8 million payment locations across the country.

“This will help small businesses in Malaysia easily sell to travelers. We are also opening the doors to Malaysians traveling abroad to enjoy cashless and convenient digital payments,” he said after the launch of the cross-border digital payment system by PayNet and Alipay+ two days ago.

Also, Farhan stated that PayNet plans to further expand the cross-border digital payment network to at least 10 more countries in Asia within the next two years. He said that currently the real-time retail QR payment network of PayNet, DuitNow, can be used in Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia as well.

DuitNow QR is the Malaysian National QR standard managed by PayNet, allowing businesses in Malaysia to receive real-time payments from customers of different banks and e-wallet operators from other countries. Meanwhile, Douglas Feagin, Senior Vice President of Ant Group and Head of Cross-Border Mobile Payment Services Alipay+, stated that the eight e-wallets are just the beginning, and more will be introduced gradually in the future.

He mentioned that they will also allow Malaysian e-wallets under PayNet to travel worldwide.”At present, we collaborate with nearly 30 payment partners, collectively serving over 1.4 billion users and connecting them with tens of millions of online merchants in more than 50 countries.

“We also collaborate with over 1,000 global online platforms,” he said. The Alipay+ merchant ecosystem now includes tens of millions of merchants in over 50 markets.

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