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The Way of Hiring Will Change. Here Are Qualities to Consider

According to The Future of Recruiting 2024 on LinkedIn Talent Solutions, it has been revealed that the way companies hire employees is changing. With changing priorities among employers, talent acquisition (TA) professionals are facing the need to adapt to new requirements.

This includes having new skills and new technological tools. To effectively attract, hire, and retain top talent, TA must evolve alongside changing employer needs.

What is quality hiring?

Quality of hire means evaluating how good and fitting the individuals hired by a company are for the job. It is important to remember that while an employee has all of the skills that they want, if they don’t meet the company’s value, it will be against quality hiring.

Based on the report, today’s quality hire includes recruiters finding out whether potential employees will meet job performance expectations, fit into the team and culture, their productivity targets and how long they will stay at the company.

Widening the talent pool

More companies will focus on hiring people based on the skills they have rather than just their qualifications or experience. They will also invest in training their existing employees to improve their skills. This way, they can find more suitable candidates for job openings and have a larger pool of talent to choose from.

What are the qualities they look for?

Companies want employees to communicate effectively

Employers are now seeking employees who can communicate in a clear way so that there is more stability and predictability in the work environment.

Why is it crucial? Effective communication enables employees to interact effectively in the workplace, adapt to change, respond proactively to various situations, and improve relationships with colleagues and clients. Not only that, less misunderstanding between the teams will enhance teamwork and productivity within the organization.

Soft skills are the most required

Soft skills, which are personal attributes and interpersonal abilities, are in high demand among employers. This includes communication, customer service, leadership, teamwork, analytical and problem-solving, according to the report.

What benefits will it bring to companies?

“Employees who understand, live, and share our values are the ones who best empathize with and service our customers, grow through feedback, and help us navigate change,” says Bryan Mayo, head of talent acquisition at Atlassian.

Engagement and communication

Employees with aligned values are more likely to be engaged and communicated more frequently. They do this by providing more valuable input, sharing their ideas and giving help and support when is needed. This will result in mutual support which enhance the teamwork, which leads to productivity and job satisfaction.

Enhanced customer service

Training employees is super important for making sure customers get great service. But it’s not just about training. If companies hire really good people who care about their jobs and helping customers, it makes a big difference too. When everyone on the team understands their role and loves helping customers, they do an awesome job making sure customers are happy.

Companies are changing how they hire people. Now, they care more about qualities like skills, values, and soft skills that match their culture and needs. It’s not just about technical skills anymore; they also look at things like how well you fit in with the team and how committed you are in the long run.

Employees who share the company’s values, communicate well, and focus on customer service are key to business success. They help the company grow, adapt to changes, and create a culture where everyone works together to do their best. Hiring people with the right qualities doesn’t just help the company, it also makes customers happier, boosts productivity, and makes work a better place for everyone.

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