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RIP iPhone Mini: Apple Stop Selling Mini Smartphones After iPhone 15 is Here

The smaller version of the iPhone is no longer available on the official Apple online store. If people come to visit the website, the iPhone mini 13 cannot be traced, even if the link is still there on Google. The current official store only consists of iPhone 15 series, iPhone 14 series, iPhone 13 and iPhone SE 3rd Gen. This comes after the Apple event last week about the new launch of iPhone 15 series, Apple Watch Series and more, silently removing the mini iPhones.

Why did they stopped?

The reason why is that the mini iPhones does not sell very well, in which Apple found out after the launch. According to Stuff, the iPhone 12 mini is accounted for less than 6% of iPhone sales. Both iPhone mini and 12 was a hard sell.

While the mini iPhones are cheaper and more pocket-friendly, the consumers prefer a more larger display which can give them a better viewing experience. Adding more to its smaller battery capacity with lesser storage, it is understandable why consumers are choosing other version of iPhones than the mini versions. It is only ideal for people who does not use smartphones that often and it is quite rare occurrence since smartphones are the essential part of our daily life.

Nevertheless, the mini iPhones still have its own fans, those who prefer comfort and using it one-handed, without having to reach the top of the touchscreen. An alternative for mini would be the iPhone SE, if one did not managed to get the iPhone 13 mini. However, iPhone 13 mini and 12 mini may be still available since Apple has its own refurbished store and could be get from other retailers.

This mini iPhones however have not come out since the launched of iPhone 14 series smartphones last year on 2022, not following up the iPhone 13 mini. It has already marked the end of Apple’s mini smartphones since last year. Hence, there will no iPhone 15 mini.

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