Man Quits Government Job, Becomes Successful Muslim Entrepreneur

Mushtaq Ahmed Bhat, a Muslim from Jammu and Kashmir’s Kulgam, quit his government job and has become a successful Muslim entrepreneur in the nursery business. He now successfully cultivates 150 varieties of fruit plants and has produced over two lakh (two hundred thousand) plants per year.

As a Muslim entrepreneur who has been in the nursery business for 35 years, his plants are grown, nurtured, and sold. With his large amount of experience, he plans to expand his nursery to 300 kanals (approximately 150,000 sq meters), about the size of Eden Park in New Zealand. He emphasizes that it may have a positive impact on the environment. Not only that, he also has the intention of providing job opportunities to people in that area.

The reason he left the government job was due to his great passion and love for plants. He believes that with the nursery business, it would have had an impact on the environment and also on society. “This nursery, spanning over 70 kanals (approx. 35,000 sq meters), employs around 50 people daily, providing them with livelihoods. It produces around 2 lakh plants every season, including rootstock and budding-grafted plants,” Bhat told India Today.

Mushtaq Ahmed Bhat, who succeed in the nursery business in Kashmir, India (Image: India Today)

“We plan to utilise more land and expand it to 300 kanals. We appeal to the government to provide us with advice on better projects or schemes in which we can offer more employment opportunities to others and produce the best possible fruit-bearing plants,” Bhat added.

As a Muslim entrepreneur who has proven success on this entrepreneurial journey, he encourages young people to embark on the same path. For him, the road is very rewarding and has given him a well-earned livelihood. According to India Today, Ali Mohammad, one of his workers at the nursery, said, “They are earning enough for their livelihood. All young people should start a business to earn money for themselves.”

His worker said that the business is eco-friendly. Even during the Chilli-Kalan phase (the harsh winter season), they are still able to work at the nursery located in Kashmir. He also added that “people like Bhat can change society with their good minds.”

—India Today

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