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Leader Shares How to be the Best That People Cannot Ignore You

In a world where it’s important to be really good at something and be noticed for it, Matt Gray, the founder of OS, shares on his LinkedIn page his invaluable insights on how to become the best version of oneself that people cannot ignore. Through his wisdom shared online, Matt emphasizes the significance of introspection, skill development, overcoming self-doubt, setting anti-goals, time tracking, and the pivotal role of setting specific goals.

Ask yourself questions

To question yourself is to have self-awareness. When you question yourself, you are engaging in introspection and reflecting on your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Matt Gray shares on his LinkedIn post to ask questions such as “What do I truly want?” “What would this look like if it were fun?” which helps you understand yourself better. With these questions, individuals could identify areas that could lead towards self-development and then become the best version of themselves.

Stacking up skills daily

When skills are built daily and consistently over time, it enhances one’s value, according to Matt. It depends on the individual what kind of practice they should do daily to reach their own goals. He advises people to do this by picking up skills that will enable growth. The way to do this is to pick one skill to practice within one month. For example, to improve solving skills, an individual could incorporate routines such as solving puzzles and reading. One could also reflect on challenges and think of solutions that could have been more effective.

Kill self-doubts

It is important to remember that self-doubt is not a sign of weakness. Matt said that self-doubt should be viewed as a sign to not quit. To diminish it, be aware of the way you think and once you recognize negative thoughts, replace them with something better. This could be a positive affirmation. Matt advises asking others for help, learning the basics, practicing and implementing them, and teaching other people.

Setting anti-goals

Identify the things that are blocking you from success. He said that the easiest way to lose that momentum is by getting distracted. Thus, anti-goals will make someone focus better. Examples of anti-goals are to avoid gossiping, proscratinations and mindlessly scrolling social media. These are the things that one should avoid to reach the goal better.

To enhance, setting and follow the goals better, he advises that one should ask themselves these:

What is the worst outcome? With this question, individuals could identify potential negative consequences or outcomes that could result from getting distracted.

What systems lead to that? One could identify the underlying systems or processes that contribute to the worst outcome.

What daily actions create that system? Examine the habits and behaviours that lead to distraction.

Ruthlessly track your time

According to Matt, to achieve the status of being the best that people cannot ignore, one must ruthlessly track their time. In this pursuit, self-accountability is paramount, as no one else will be responsible for one’s progress. By diligently tracking time, valuable insights emerge: it reveals the hours of peak productivity, the most effective learning methods, and the areas of greatest interest. This data becomes invaluable, serving as a guide for optimizing productivity, accelerating learning curves, and aligning efforts with passions and strengths.

Set specific goals

Specific goals provide direction, purpose, and motivation in life, ensuring individuals have a clear path to follow. Your intentions act as guiding stars, directing you towards your desired destination. To do this, avoid arbitrary goals, such as traveling more, learning something new or losing weight. Instead, Matt advises a shift towards setting precise and tangible objectives. For instance, setting a target of reaching $5 million in revenue by 2023 with $3 million in profit establishes a clear trajectory and provides a concrete benchmark to strive towards.

Becoming the best version of yourself and getting noticed involves focusing on a few key things. First, it’s about thinking about yourself and what you can do better. Then, it’s about working on your skills to improve. You also need to believe in yourself and set smart goals to reach. Lastly, managing your time well is important.

By doing these things every day, you can become your best self, overcome challenges, and grow personally and professionally.

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