Which Industries Are Impacted the Most by Tech Layoffs?

In today’s tech-driven world, when companies in the technology sector lay off workers, it affects more than just those specific companies. Recent data from shows us which industries the layoffs are hitting hardest as of January 2024, revealing the true interconnectedness of the economy.

Changes Over Time: What’s Different?

Let’s compare the numbers from January 2023 to January 2024 to see how things have changed.

Industries Most Affected in 2023:

  1. Retail (32,133)
  2. Consumer (30,303)
  3. Hardware (24,459)
  4. Food (19,822)
  5. Healthcare (18,470)
  6. Finance (16,381)
  7. Transportation (10,907)
  8. Sales (9,848)
  9. Education (5,885)
  10. Media (5,641)

Industries Most Affected in January 2024:

  1. Retail (6,801)
  2. Consumer (4,570)
  3. Finance (4,195)
  4. Food (1,528)
  5. Sales (1,180)
  6. Transportation (1,028)
  7. Healthcare (921)
  8. Security (780)
  9. Data (635)
  10. Travel (416)

One big change is that the hardware industry, which was hit hard in 2023, isn’t even in the top ten list in 2024. This could mean things are getting better in that industry.

What We’ve Learned: Insights and Predictions

While the January 2024 data from provides a snapshot of the industries impacted by tech layoffs, it’s important to note that this data only represents a single month. As such, the insights drawn from this data may offer a glimpse into immediate trends but might not accurately reflect broader patterns or long-term impacts on various industries.

1. Retail Stays Strong:

Even though retail is still at the top of the list, it seems to handle tech layoffs relatively well. Retailers use a lot of technology, so layoffs might be more about changing how they work rather than cutting jobs.

2. Consumer Companies Are Vulnerable:

Businesses focused on consumers feel the impact of tech layoffs consistently. They rely on technology for things like understanding markets and reaching customers, so any disruption here can hurt them.

3. Finance is Adjusting:

Finance used to be higher on the list, but it’s gone down. This might mean they’re finding better ways to use technology or maybe just cutting fewer jobs. But because finance relies so much on technology, we need to keep an eye on it.

4. Healthcare Faces Challenges:

Even though healthcare is crucial, it’s still feeling the effects of tech layoffs. This could affect things like digital medical records or online doctor visits.

5. New Trends Emerging:

Industries like security and data analytics are currently experiencing impacts. This shows how important these areas are becoming. As technology advances, so do the jobs and challenges in these fields.

Looking Ahead: What Might Happen Next?

Thinking about the future, a few things could shape how tech layoffs affect industries:

1. Economy Matters

If the economy is doing well, there might be fewer layoffs. But if things slow down, we could see more people losing jobs across many industries.

2. Tech Keeps Changing

Technology is always evolving, and industries need to keep up. If they don’t, they might have to let people go as they adapt to new ways of working.

3. Rules and Regulations

Laws about things like privacy and security can affect how companies use technology. If rules change, companies might need to change how they work, which could mean more layoffs.

To conclude, when tech companies lay off workers, it’s not just about them. It affects lots of other industries too. Understanding how these layoffs impact different sectors is essential for everyone involved in today’s economy.

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