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Ways myGAP Benefits Malaysian Smallholders in Agricultural Sector

What is myGAP?

MyGAP is a certification scheme known as the Malaysian Good Agricultural Practice to give recognition to smallholders that follow good farming practices that are friendly to the environment. The goal is to produce food that is of high quality, safe to eat, and good for the environment.

What are some examples of good agricultural practices?

Good agricultural practices are ways farmers do their work to make sure they grow food in a good way. They do this so they can keep growing food for a long time without hurting the environment or making food that’s not safe to eat.

According to the Khazanah Research Institute, myGAP places importance on these areas for farming practices:

  • Efficient resource usage
  • Product traceability
  • Animal welfare
  • Food safety
  • Better waste and environmental management
  • Workers’ health safety and welfare
  • Crop protection (such as using less pesticide)
  • Recordkeeping and auditing

How will MyGAP provide additional benefits?

Encourage Bookkeeping Practices

MyGAP encourages bookkeeping practices that are essential for demonstrating compliance with MyGAP standards and regulations. By keeping accurate records such as yield, input expenditure, profit, types of chemicals used, seeds and labour, it will help Malaysian smallholder farmers identify areas for improvement

Identify Areas for Improvements

By looking at their own records, farmers can figure out where they’re not doing so well and find ways to do things better. For example, they might see what kinds of farming practices are cost-effective or what kind of inputs they should make to produce higher yields (e.g., vegetables).

Ensure Quality of Products

With records that contain information about seeds, crop management practices, and environmental conditions, this allows farmers to track factors that may affect product quality. This helps ensure consistency in product quality and meet consumer expectations.

Better Financial Management

With detailed records, farmers can identify areas where they can cut costs or allocate resources more efficiently. It allows farmers to understand their production capacity and plan accordingly for future seasons. Farmers could make informed decisions about investments, such as purchasing new equipment. They can do this while ensuring they have enough funds to cover expenses and make a profit.

Easier to Receive Financial Help

Keeping good records through bookkeeping can make it easier for farmers to get help like loans, insurance, and other assistance. When farmers have organized records showing their expenses, income, and the performance of their crops, it gives lenders and insurance companies a clear picture of how well the farm is doing.

Predict Future Risks

Keeping good records helps farmers predict future problems. For example, if their crops are not growing well, they identify what might have caused it. This helps them figure out how to stop the same problem from happening again in the future. So, by looking back at what they’ve done, farmers can plan better and be ready for any risks that might come up.

Enhanced Sales

With MyGAP certification, Malaysian smallholders experience a higher demand for their produce from wholesalers and retailers. This is because the certification assures higher product quality due to the strict requirements mandated by consumers. As a result, more buyers are inclined to purchase from MyGAP-certified smallholders, leading to increased sales stability.

Farming Support

MyGAP-certified Malaysian smallholders receive better farming support, such as attending trainings and accessing technology. These support mechanisms are crucial for enhancing smallholders’ skills and productivity. By improving access to training and technology, MyGAP helps smallholders implement best practices, adopt innovative techniques, and ultimately increase their agricultural output and profitability.


The Malaysian Good Agricultural Practices Scheme (MyGAP) offers significant benefits to Malaysia’s agricultural sector through various mechanisms. With healthy practices, MyGAP enables smallholder farmers to improve their productivity, income stability, and overall livelihoods. Overall, MyGAP plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable and high-quality agricultural practices while supporting the growth and development of smallholder farmers in Malaysia’s agricultural sector.

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