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How Notion Sites Can Elevate Your Small Business Brand?

Notion has recently rolled out another amazing feature that is useful for businesses. Without worrying about hiring experts to build customized websites, which can be costly for small businesses, they could reduce costs using Notion Sites. Small businesses can take advantage of this opportunity to make their businesses more recognizable to a wider audience online.

What can you do with Notion Sites?

Small business can use Notion Sites to build website, landing pages or blogs to be published online. This will make it easier for potential customers to know more about a business’s updates that are related to their industry, products, or services.

Customize Notion Sites and align with brand image (Source: Notion)

Here are some features that you will have with Notion Sites:

  • Custom templates (free & paid): Create or customize ready-made templates on Notion according to your business’s goal
  • Use your own domain (paid): Make it easier for your customers to recognize your brand or business
  • Remove Notion’s branding (paid): Remove the ‘Build with Notion’ from displaying on your website
  • Use your own favicon (paid): Use your brand logo for your business website
  • Add Google Analytics measurement ID (paid): Track how your page are doing with your Google Analytics tracking code
  • Search bar (paid): Let users search for what they want on your website
  • Website breadcrumbs (paid): Navigate through pages on Notion Sites and know where your current location is on the website
  • Switch to dark mode or system mode (paid): Choose how you want the website to be displayed
  • Search engine indexing (free & paid): Make your website discoverable on the web, make your own title tag and meta description and preview how it is displayed in search results
  • Website link expiration (paid): Make your website available within certain period of time (e.g. in an hour, day, week or according to preference)
  • Notion AI (paid): No more worrying about brainstorming sentences for your website with this AI companion (but don’t forget to humanize it).

What are the benefits?

Increase business visibility

With search engine indexing, Notion can help your small business reach more potential customers online with this cost-effective method. When small businesses optimize their Notion sites, they will drive website traffic, which can make them visible on Google and other search engines.  As businesses rank themselves higher in the rankings, it will boost their credibility.

Brand consistency

Notion lets their users customize their Notion sites to align with a business’s own brand image. Businesses could change their logo, custom domain, and custom CSS, remove Notion’s branding, and add others, such as a custom image that fits the brand image. This will help the audience remember the business’s or brand identity so that they will come back to buy their products or services.

User experience

An amazing user experience is essential for users to interact with a brand’s products or services on the website seamlessly. With a responsive design, people who visit the website will be able to access it quickly anywhere, even with devices other than laptops, such as tablets and smartphones. A users experience has proven to impact a user’s decision to purchase products or services. With a minimalistic and visually appealing website, people are more likely to engage with the information displayed on the website.

Time-sensitive content

The expiration link feature is useful for businesses that manage projects or offer services with specific timelines or deadlines. For instance, when a business wants to launch a workshop, they will have to create a landing page with Notion Sites. However, it is only limited to a small number of participants, and forms must be filled out by certain dates before the workshop’s scheduled date. Thus, they could use the feature to set the date on which people can no longer assess.


Notion Sites offer small businesses an easy and affordable way to create professional websites, landing pages, and blogs without technical expertise. Key benefits include improved online visibility through SEO, consistent branding that enhances recognition, and a user-friendly design for seamless browsing on any device. These useful features make Notion Sites an important tool for boosting brand presence and competitiveness in the digital market.

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